Over 6 years of the company's work, our specialists have developed more than 100 different projects. The most successful and interesting solutions are presented in our portfolio.

Food Club

Food Club is a mobile app that makes it possible for users to find the most suitable restaurants in their location and place their orders online any time of the day...


FishApp is a social network for fishermen that makes it possible for them to find their co-thinkers.

Secure Chat Tet - a - Tet

Secure Chat Tet - a - Tet is a convenient mobile application that helps keep your messaging history in secret.

Radio Classical Music App

Radio Classical Music App is a modern mobile application, which is a top choice for all the fans of classical music.


This is a nice mobile app for all the sports fans, who wish to stay informed about all the news and events happening in the world of sports.

Skin Passport App

Skin Passport is a mobile app, the major goal of which is to help people detect various skin diseases on early stages and provide them with all the related info they might be ...

Moms’ Academy

Mom’s Academy is a handy mobile application for future moms, which provides them with the most important information about pregnancy and baby development.

Mobile Secretary

Mobile Secretary is an application that will be handy to all businessmen, who have lots of plans and meetings and are afraid to overlook them.

Wedding Dress Complex

Wedding Dress is a mobile app that makes it possible to select wedding dresses, sorting them out by the major parameters you consider important.

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